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I’m grateful each time clients take the time to recount their positive experiences. Testimonials give prospective clients a sense of the service and professionalism we offer.

Being new to Canada, we had very little knowledge about RRSPs, TFSAs, etc. I was only contributing to these through my company who offered very little explanation about these things. However, when we met Jeff he took all the time to understand our financial situation, our short- and long-term financial goals, and how we can meet these goals. Being someone who also came from financial industry, I was amazed by Jeff's amount of knowledge and experience that he was able to impart to us. I cannot emphasize enough how much we appreciate the effort he has exerted to organize our financial portfolio and steer us to the right path. We definitely now have peace of mind knowing that someone who has the right knowledge and experience is looking after our investment portfolio. I recommend Jeff to anyone regardless of your level of knowledge about investments and financial planning.

Calgary, AB March, 2014

Jeff has been a well-informed pleasure to deal with since we first met, 7 or so years ago. He's been very willing to work with me to help achieve my goals and has become a terrific resource for all things financial. Thanks Jeff!

Kelly Hammer-Bowles

Jeff has been a tremendous help to both me and my husband. We knew that our insurance and our investments were not meeting our needs. With Jeff's help, we feel like we are in more control of our retirement planning. His professionalism and knowledge have enabled us to not only deal with our investment needs, but also a RDSP for our disabled child. We look forward to working with Jeff for many years to come!”


I was so impressed with Jeff as a person, a professional and how he was well informed about the what would be best for me. I am in a profession of trust and being on the other side where I have to have it is always a test!! Jeff couldn't have been more considerate and most of all respectful of my time and my needs. I would recommend him to anyone!

Lisa J.M. (Spies) Bright, B.N. R.N.

Jeff has done a great job of providing me with an updated financial plan on a regular basis and has kept me on track with reaching my retirement goals. Such a relief!

Kristin Krause

Jeff really spent the time to make sure we understood everything clearly. He was extremely helpful and on top of that saved us money on our premiums.

High River

Jeff has been a friend and business associate of my husband’s for years so I let my husband take care of most of our finances. Recently, my husband and I decided that it would be a good idea for me to start investing on my own. Jeff came to our home at a time that was convenient to our family and he made the meeting simple yet informative. He also made sure I understood where my money would be going as well as the potential risks and benefits of investing. I feel confident in Jeff’s suggestions and comfortable in meeting with Jeff in the future.


Jeff has spent more time getting to know us in the past two meetings than both of our previous two advisors combined.

Elizabeth and Kent Bunnage
High River

I was very happy with the service and found that dealing with London Life was excellent. They paid out the death claim in a very timely manner and it was so good to have some money come in right away when a lot of money needed to be paid out, and nothing else was coming in.

Client since 1972

Having Jeff as my financial advisor has been an absolute pleasure. Being a young investor and being relatively ignorant, I find he is able to explain things in layman's terms. He has always answered any questions I have had and given great insight to help me align my financial goals. The three years we have worked together has been a very positive experience. I have and will continue to use and recommend his services.

Brett Besselink
High River

Jeff has been a great financial advisor. We feel confident and comfortable with our financial goals, and would recommend him to anyone looking for the same.

Ashley & Dwayne Penney

Jeff set up our company group benefits program a number of years ago. Since this time he has done an excellent job monitoring our benefits and continues to follow up on a regular basis; ensuring that our current need is always met. Jeff is always available for questions and is always keeping us up to date with the latest and greatest financial products. He knows his stuff.

Dustin Vannus
4-Star Electric

Before we met Jeff, my husband and I were contributing to RRSP's but didn't really have any idea how much we should be contributing in order to ensure a comfortable lifestyle after our retirement. We assumed that our contributions were sufficient, but Jeff certainly opened our eyes. Jeff brought us clarity in understanding exactly what we need to do and to save on a regular basis in order to achieve our retirement goals. The graphs and projections he showed us were extremely helpful and gave us a visual of our retirement needs.

Melissa Gardiner

Jeff was the first financial planner I had ever dealt with and since January 2008, his advice and knowledge has been a bonus for me. My dad had just passed on and since he was with London life, I thought I would carry on with the same organization and ever since, I have been confident of whatever information and advise Jeff has relayed to me. His strength is in explaining what to me are complex matters in a way that decision making is never difficult. I have stayed with Jeff because his personal approach matters a great deal and he is both knowledgeable about financial matters as well as the life of this client. He is honest about the state of the markets and never sugar coats the problems that can affect investments. Having others dealing with your money is a matter of trust and Jeff has earned that in spades.

Peter Faulkner
Calgary, November 2016